Physical Education is a significant component of The Ela Murray International School education experience. It nurtures positive attitudes, and promotes active and healthy lifestyles. Students participate in a variety of fun, creative and challenging activities for enjoyment as well as to advance their confidence.

They are taught to think and make decisions, plan strategies, and perform and evaluate their actions to improve the quality of their performances.

The Ela Murray International School provides a unique Physical Education Curriculum in Papua New Guinea, offering AFL, athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, European handball, football, hockey, netball, Oz tag, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and outdoor recreational activities.

Afterschool sporting activities and ‘Learn to swim’ programmes have always been vital. Our students participate in inter-school carnival programs such as swimming in term 1, cross country in term 2, and athletics in term 3; as well as the school soccer competition and the netball competitions. Our Physical Education department take lead in the organization of these events.

Physical Education provides opportunities for students to discover their abilities and preferences in sporting activities.