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Special Programs

Special Programs

We know there is as much to be learnt outside of the classroom as there is inside of it. We offer our children a range of co-curricular activities to complement their academic curriculum, and to encourage the exploration of the amazing world of Papua New Guinea through camps, community visit and a safe and caring environment.

Our children develop a sense of service – to each other and to the world around us – the older students in particular are involved in supporting any fund raising activities for worthy causes.

Each term there is something to celebrate at TEMIS. This includes;

  • After school sporting activities and interschool carnivals for swimming, athletics and cross country
  • United Nations day celebrates the many different nationalities who attend at TEMIS
  • Independence day is a National Holiday in PNG and we celebrate this through a number of cultural incursions.
  • Discos and Mufti days are also a favourite and don’t forget our amazing school camps!