School Leadership

What is the SRC?

The Student Representative Council (SRC) has the responsibility of making sure TEMIS remains a bright and welcoming school, by finding ways to improve it. We are elected by the student body and consist of class captains and vice class captains from each class. The leading students of this council are the two school captains (one female and one male) and the school vice captains (one female and one male), who are elected from Grade 7 & 8. Other students in Grade 7 & 8 are also elected to be house captains. All the captains are elected by the whole student body.

We hold a class meeting every week so that we can discuss any problems that a student may be experiencing at school, or any ideas that they find would help make our school better. These thoughts and problems are then taken by the captains and vice captains of every class to area meetings, which are held separately by the junior, middle and upper primary areas. Here all of the suggestions are discussed and listed and two students are picked to attend the executive meeting. At the executive meeting , together with the Deputy Principal, School Captains and School Vice Captains, they bring the problems for discussion and solutions are thought up. All of the decisions made are then sent to the school management team for a final word on the matters raised.

There are also several committees which students in Grade 6-8 can choose to be part of. This gives further opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and creates fantastic links between older and younger students.

The long process of communication and the amount of hard work that the SRC does shows the commitment that we put in when carrying out our duties as leaders of the school. We always aim to represent other students and raise our school to its greatest potential. We are proud of all of the accomplishments that we have made here at TEMIS.