Welcome to our school!

The Ela Murray International School has a proud history of offering quality education to the community of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Our School

The Ela Murray International School is a not-for-profit, independent, co-educational day school.

We currently operate on two sites. At Ela Beach we provide Toddlers and Pre-school programs for children aged from 2 – 5. The Murray site provides for students aged 5 – 14 in years Prep through to Grade Eight. Grades 7 and 8 are both structured as a secondary school program with specialist teachers for all subjects.

This school has its origins in the European School established in 1911 (later to become known as The Ela Beach International School) and the Murray Barracks Primary ‘A’ School established in 1966. In 2000, these two leading international schools were amalgamated to become The Ela Murray International School. Now as one school, we continue the tradition of providing quality international standard education for the expatriate and local community in Port Moresby.

We are a member school of the International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea. The Agency is responsible for eighteen private schools operating throughout Papua New Guinea. The school implements the International Education Agency (IEA) curriculum which is typical of that found in most western countries and reflects an outcomes-based approach. Details regarding our curriculum are available on this website.

Our staff consists of local teachers as well as expatriate teachers. Our expatriates come from all over the world. All our local teachers are well qualified and have received an extra year’s training (TIPS) with the IEA Centre for Professional Development (CPD).

Vision Statement

The Ela Murray International School strives for excellence to enable our students to contribute effectively to their culture and to their communities.

Embracing the principles of quality education, the school aims to develop student potential and produce future leaders in all areas.

A successful education at Ela Murray International School will result in students who can follow their dreams.

Our vision is characterized by a bilum; each part of the bilum has an important story to tell.

The horizontal weaves tell the story of the learning outcomes we strive for.

The vertical weaves tell the story of the dimensions that enables us to allow our children to learn and lead.

The inside of the bilum holds the treasure; the approaches we use to ensure every child is motivated, engaged, excited and can follow their dreams. 

The Ela Murray International School is a member of the WIDA International Symposium English assessment framework.