Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment

Learning Challenges and Gifted and Talented

TEMIS is a school that caters to each individual student. We support every child to be successful in their learning. Through differentiated lessons, our teachers are able to monitor the development of each learner. Teachers plan together to design personalised learning activities that ensure each student is nurtured and challenged.

EAL – English as an addititional language

Many of the children at TEMIS are fortunate to speak one or more languages. EAL children can come from any first language background – and may even speak more than one first language – which is what gives them their English as an Additional Language status. What they have in common is that they are all receiving their education in a predominantly English-speaking country. Some children are absolute beginners and others are highly advanced in English and may even sound like native speakers.

Learning Enrichment children are supported to access the curriculum through a number of ways both in and out of the classroom;

Vocabulary – Teaching receptive knowledge of keywords helps them understand and make meaning of new content.

Tools – Language apps, including a multi-modal dictionary, flashcard apps and/or English language and vocabulary games. Synthetic Phonics is taught to support early readers.

Strategies – Learning a new sound system, speech, vocabulary and negotiate grammar. Teaching strategy instruction is so vital learners who need to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Time – Every individual processes information at his or her own rate. This applies to English native speaker children but even more so to EAL pupils who are tasked with understanding the concept — and the medium through which it has been delivered.

Praise – Some children are simultaneously learning new material or how to learn a language. That’s a lot of learning! They deserve every bit of praise you can send their way to ensure they have the motivation and confidence they need to sustain them.