An update from your friendly neighbourhood Eco Warrior Leadership Team !

If you have bought one of our Eco containers this week, we THANK-YOU!

You are now part of the environmental solution, and your purchase will go towards future Eco initiatives such as a purchasing a worm farm, metal spoons and forks and compost bin just to name a few.

BUT- if you did buy and take home one of our “I’m a TEMIS Eco Warrior” containers, can you PLEASE BRING IT BACK?

It will be labelled with your name and class, and kept in your classroom, ready for you to put in your lunch order. Containers will be washed and left to dry at school, ready to go for next day ordering as required. You are welcome to bring in your own containers as well, we can label them at school for you.

No more single-use plastics in 2020! We are very serious about getting rid

of all single-use plastics at TEMIS, and vow that 2020 will see the end of all single-use plastics at our school.

This is a world-wide issue and we ALL need to be a part of the solution.