Parent Group

The TEMIS Parent Group is made up of volunteer parents who enrich the school community by organising events for families and raise money for worthy causes. 

The Parent Group organise various events throughout the year including morning teas, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and celebrations and a hugely successful Bikpela Garage Sale and Fair. They are always there at sports events keeping the students hydrated. 

In a transient, expat community, The Parent Group is a lovely way to make connections with other parents and be closer to your child’s school life.

The community Facebook pages – Temis ELC and TEMIS Parent Group also provide opportunities for families to positively engage.

Parent Representatives

The role of Class Parent Representatives is to facilitate the involvement of parents in school life and to support and promote the school, its objectives, philosophies and values.

Throughout the school year the representatives host and facilitate a number of events, providing the opportunity to meet and socialise in the school community and contribute to the many activities of interest.