Our Early Learning Centre is available for children aged between 2 and 5 years of age and celebrates childhood as a time of joy, discovery and spontaneous exploration.

Bright, spacious learning spaces; beautiful, outdoor play areas; large, green spaces provide the perfect location to develop and learn.

Nurturing creativity and the belief that children are capable and confident is a primary focus, and the development of thinking skills is a key component of all learning experiences. Children have the time and space to wonder and marvel, engage and explore. Their passions, talents and preferred ‘languages’ of self-expression and communication are identified and developed. Personalised learning experiences cater for unique interests and individual learning journeys.

The TEMIS Early Learning Centre’s programs are based on the exceptional Reggio Emilia philosophy where creativity and curiosity are fostered through play-centred learning that engages eager young learners in the ‘100 languages’ of childhood. The natural resources at hand include the captivating and beautiful nature play area and vegetable garden, and are supported by light and bright, modern facilities.

Our distinctive and evolving vision for learning is based on educational research and experience and the IEA’s 5 Key Outcomes, exploring a range of tools, techniques and technologies.

Be self directing

By developing a sense of self, taking responsibility for their personal care and by exploring body and movement

Communicate effectively

By developing listening and speaking skills, interacting with a range of texts, representing feelings, ideas and understandings in a variety of ways and by developing ways to be creative and expressive

Behave ethically

By developing a sense of social responsibility, an appreciation of diversity and respect and responsibility for the environment

Work collaboratively

By developing a sense of others, building positive relationships and participating in group projects

Analyse and solve problems

By developing skills for flexible thinking, engaging in active mathematical and science investigations, exploring a range of tools, techniques and technologies