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Enrolment at The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS) is open to any student who meets the requirements. Enrolment of students with Special Needs is on a case-by-case basis. The school is, however, unable to provide an educational program to a student who has severe physical, mental, or emotional needs.

Enrolment ages are as listed below.

  • Toddlers – turn 2 years before commencing
  • Reception – 3 before 31st March
  • Transition – 4 before 31st March
  • Prep – 5 before 31st March (and so on up the grades)

Students transitioning between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere school years will be placed in a Grade at the Principal’s discretion.

Admission Procedures


To begin the application process families should contact the Principal. Where possible, the applicant and his or her family should make an appointment for an interview and tour of the school campus. Such a visit often helps to reduce anxiety and answer questions about transfer to a new school, often in a new location.

The application forms or the online application form must be completed and school records for the last two years submitted. An official English translation of the records is required before acceptance. This does not apply to applications for the Early Learning Centre. These documents should be sent to TEMIS as soon as possible to facilitate a decision by the school administration and ensure that ample notification of this decision is given to you.

If there are questions about, for example, the applicant’s level of English or differences in the educational systems, the student and parents will be invited to come in for an interview and assessment. Final grade placement is the decision of the Principal.

All secondary school students with English as a second language (ESL) will be given an English and a Maths placement test, and the results of these assessments may affect the admission decision.

Students eligible for admission according to the above standards will receive an acceptance notification and must pay an Admission Fee before their names will be placed on the class list. Students cannot begin class until fees are paid in advance.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to refuse admission to a student if:

  • It is determined that the student would not benefit educationally from the school’s programs;
  • The student has such a poor scholastic/behavioural record as to be deemed unsuitable for the TEMIS school community;
  • The student does not reside with a parent or recognized adult guardian;
  • The special educational needs required by the student cannot be met by the school.

How to apply


  • you can download application forms
  • Send all inquiries to
  • Applications are accepted only if there is space available. You will be notified by the school whether there is a place for your child. Enrolment is not automatic.
  • Students must be re-enrolled at the end of each year.
  • Enrolment of students with special needs are considered by the Board on a case by case basis

Application Forms

Please note that there are different paper application forms. Applications are only accepted on the correct form.

Re-enrolling students fill in a slightly different form from new students. All students at TEMIS are required to complete a re-enrolment form each year. Re-enrolment is accepted from September 1 each year.

Forms should be faxed to the school via +675 325 7925 or emailed to

Fees Structure

There is a 10% discount for payment of annual fee. This discount is not applicable in Term 4.

Further 5% discount may be given for third and subsequent student fees.

The 2018 school fees are:

2018 Annual Fee Annual Fee Discounted Term Fee
Early Learning Centre
(Pre-School & Toddlers)
K33,575 K30,215 K8,394
Prep-Grade 6 K50,228 K45,201 K12,557
Grade 7-8 K54,818 K49,335 K13,705
For more details, please download the School-Fee-Policy-2019.



A high standard of dress is required at all times. Jewellery is considered inappropriate at school. It is the school’s uniform and sun safe policy that the hat is worn at all times when outside the classroom.

Students have a formal school uniform, a PE Uniform and a Sports uniform which is in their house colour. Students must have a hat at school each day. This may be either wide brimmed navy or a monogrammed cap. Students must wear black shoes and white socks with all uniforms.

The school uniform must be purchased from our official school supplier, Pacific Uniforms Tura Schools.