3/4MA wrote so much for the newsletter that there just wasn’t room to fit all their ideas in. So, here are the ones that got squeezed out.

News from the World of 3/4 MA

Life as an ECO Warrior
by Lillian and Jessica

Life as an ECO Warrior means you have to sacrifice your lunch time, have meetings and create assemblies for the school.  Most importantly, you must be a part of the 3 Rs campaign, to see the end of single-use plastics at TEMIS, by helping to sell our containers after school.  (10K in case you didn’t know)  Our vision for 2020 is that we will eventually get rid of all plastics at TEMIS.  So, TEMIS families, you need to be ready!  Every student and staff member will have to have their own reusable container to make an order at the canteen.  We think that most students in the school now have their own refillable water bottle.  So, we also want to end the sales of single use water bottles as soon as possible. The canteen is ‘on board’ with all of our ideas, so let’s get ready TEMIS, for a plastic free zone in 2020!

Reflections from our Class Captains- No Easy Task

I Chaarvi Mehta, class captain of 3/4MA, enjoy being captain because I can represent my class at captain meetings or at special events. I can be a role model for my classmates by setting a good example. Being a class captain is a great opportunity to interact with other class and vice captains from other grades.
By Chaarvi

What I think about being a class captain…
I think it is harder than I thought,
I think it is kind of weird.
It is a strange job to have.
I like that it lasts two terms.
By Fergus

I think that being a class captain is fun and sometimes difficult because you have a lot of responsibilities.
By Achilleas

Life According to a Vice Captain
Life being Vice Captain is all about getting friendships back together, helping out anyone who needs help and other things. But most importantly, it is all about making a change at TEMIS and being yourself. Here at TEMIS we are leaders for our younger students who are observing how we act.    By Tanisha