School Camps

Different residential camps are offered to different aged students. All trips involve an extensive risk assessment prior to departure and are supervised by staff usually in excess of required ratios. 

Grade 3/4 are given the opportunity to attend an overnight excursion to Loloata Island Resort each year. This trip usually operates in term 1.

Grades 5/6 may choose to attend week long excursions to Tufi and Rabaul.
The Tufi trip is an outdoor education programme involving activities such as canoeing, bushwalking, snorkelling. There are also opportunities to interact with local villages and experience a range of traditional experiences. This trip happens in even years.
The Rabaul trip links to the level 4 inquiry unit about natural disasters. Students are able to visit Rabaul observatory and see first hand the effects of the major 1994 volcanic eruption. This trip happens in odd years.

Grades 7/8 are offered week long excursions to Kokoda and Daintree Rainforest.
The Kokoda Trip enables students to link their learning about WW2 and the Kokoda Track to real life, experiencing a short portion of the track themselves.
The Daintree Rainforest trip is part of their ecological studies and the opportunity for an overseas excursion.

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