Curriculum Coordinator

The Curriculum Coordinator (Murray Site) is responsible to the Principal for the development, refinement, review and communication of all aspects of the curriculum for Grades Prep to 8.

  1. Assisting the Principal to define and develop the school’s vision through
  • Vigorously promoting the school as an effective educational institution
  • Focusing on continuous improvement for the school
  • Developing an understanding of  Papua New Guinea’s changing cultural, social & economic context
  • Promoting an international perspective
  • Fostering  effective relationships within and between the school and its community

2.   Developing and Coordinating the implementation of curriculum through

  • Supervising the development and implementation of educational programs and pedagogy which reflect current world best practice
  • Exploring and applying theories of current best practice to develop new plans and approaches for effective teaching and learning acrossthe curriculum
  • Implementing and monitoring the IEA curriculum, assessment and reporting of student progress
  • Fostering high achievement of students
  • Collecting and analysing data including external examinations results and internally gathered performance data
  • Advising the principal about areas of concern or shortfall in performance

3.   Assisting with professional development through

  • Motivating and supporting staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Providing training and advice to teachers about the curriculum and related pedagogy

4.   Assisting with the management of resource usage through

  • Advising on the purchase of resources required to support the curriculum
  • Monitoring and organizing existing resources to ensure maximum utility

5.   Exhibiting appropriate personal qualities through

  • Modeling acceptable personal goals and behaviours
  • Reflecting on, and demonstrating, a commitment to personal ongoing learning

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