About Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the capital of PNG and has a population of over 300,000 with amenities commensurate with a city of that size.┬áPort Moresby’s location at the foot of the Owen Stanley Ranges means that there are very few roads out of the city. However, as the nation’s capital, air transport to other parts of the country and several overseas destinations, is excellent. Port Moresby is also a major port.

Each of PNG’s four major banks has a number of branches throughout the city providing full banking services. ATM machines are also available in several locations.

There are a number of supermarkets, as well as many smaller general stores. Occasionally some items are unavailable anywhere for short periods but for the most part it is possible to buy the same range of products as you would find in a developed country. Local and imported meat, fruit and vegetables are available in supermarkets. There are well stocked homewares stores which also sell a wide range of electrical appliances.

There are several high standard hotels with good restaurants and licensed bars. There are also a number of licensed clubs and separate restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines. Recreation activities available for adults and children include golf, fishing, tennis, boating, SCUBA diving, aerobics, soccer, squash, swimming, arts and crafts, Hash House Harriers and the drama society.

The national newspapers, which include international news, are available 6 days a week. Some overseas newspapers and magazines are regularly available. Local, satellite and cable television services are good. Internet connections are generally available in homes but these seem slow compared to the speed found in developed countries.

There are some well qualified doctors who can provide the same level of care and service as would be expected from a general practitioner in a developed country. There are also public and private hospitals, and in the event of a serious illness evacuation to Australia can be arranged immediately. There are several fully stocked pharmacies.

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