Why I Love TEMIS

When asked to give a list of things prospective students/ parents should know, our Grade 7 & 8 students said…

  • I am 14 years old and I have spent my whole life at TEMIS. I don’t want to leave but Grade 8 is the last year.
  • TEMIS is the best international school in Papua New Guinea.
  • We all learn and support each other every day
  • It is a safe and caring environment with a happy atmosphere
  • We have security guards who are kind and great to ensure we stay safe. There are some security issues in Port Moresby but school is safe.
  • The school caters for analytical and creative people
  • There’s no real peer pressure
  • There’s aircon in every classroom
  • You have lots of opportunities to be leaders
  • There are great school trips, like Kokoda
  • We have a pool!

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