A weekend in Moresby

Compiled with the assistance of students in Grade 7 & 8

A weekend in Port Moresby could be like a once in a lifetime adventure. It is not just a normal weekend – there are too many things to do.

  • Play sport against other schools
  • Sleepovers
  • Shop in the new Vision City Mall
  • Go to Loloata resort for the day – hike up the mountain, snorkel on Lion’s island, go kayaking
  • Watch Beauty and the Beast at the Port Moresby Arts Theatre
  • Go to Holiday Inn and grab a quick Snack
  • Spend a day on a boat
  • Go on a ski biscuit (an inflatable tube which is dragged behind the speedboat)
  • Bury ourselves in the sand
  • Go to Fisherman’s Island – my all time favourite
  • Snorkel for hours and hours – oops I might miss the boat!
  • Go home with bags of shells
  • Go to the Yacht Club
  • Play cricket or shoot some hoops
  • Go fishing
  • See the war memorials to honour the people who lost their lives in war
  • See Crystal Rapids
  • Check out the yummy restaurants

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