A day at TEMIS

Compiled with the assistance of students in Grade 7 & 8

A day in the life of a 7th grader at TEMIS usually consists of classes, recess, roll call, classes, lunch, classes, home time and sometimes homework in the library – but that’s the students choice.

Now this might seem very boring but in truth it’s quite the opposite. Classes are actually pretty fun: they include things like Home Ec., Art, ICT, Music, photography. Add a few wonderful teachers and we seem to learn a lot. We get to show our skills in assemblies and in the displays around school.

At recess and lunchtime we can play on the ovals, eat, relax, do homework in the library, use the ICT lab.

Friendly people, fun teachers and fun classes, what else could you need in a school?

Maybe you should know we are a great and caring community and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

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